9 Student Hacks

9 student hacks

We students always look for shot cuts, tricks and hacks to make our life easy. Life is tough we all know and experience the same in our day-to-day life. From preparation of assignments, thinking ways to save our pocket-money to our daily breakfast we need things to go as smooth as possible. So here are simple yet powerful hacks that will help your journey in this planet. Well these 9 Student Hacks will help you during you high school or college days.

1. Rotting Banana

We all know eating banana is good for health and we students consume it as our daily breakfast. But in harsh seasons it tend to rot fast. So to keep banana fresh longer here is a simple trick.

rotting banana

  • Cover Banana ends with a small piece if plastic – Covering the banana ends will delay the process of rotting and will keep banana fresh/eatable for longer.

2. It’s Difficult To Remembering Your Study Notes.

We all are not born “Einstein”. Many of us fell it difficult to remember our self-written study notes. So here is a hack that will help you.


  • While writing your notes use 2-3 colour pen/pencils or sketch pens. Studies shows that use of 2-3 colours in notes/study material help us remember them fast and also retain them for longer period. You must have remembered your childhood alphabet books.

3. Bad Sleep During Exams.

Stress, stress and stress is the devil during our exams. Sleep less nights or very less sleep are common during examinations. Although we all know a good night sleep before exam help us performer better next day. So what can be done.

hot chocolate

  • Various studies show that use of worm milk / worm beverages before going to bed helps us sleep better. Don’t like milk no issues go for Hot chocolate instead.

4. Bad WiFi Network

Lets be frank we(students) all love Internet. But a bad internet connection is a nightmare. Staring at our PC/Laptop screen  and praying god to help load the page faster. Here is a hack that you can use.

Bad WiFi signal

  • Cut the top and bottom of a cold drink can and open it. Place it behind the WiFi router antenna. Placing of can help in reflecting the waves directly to the WiFi antenna.  But in the first place make sure that your router is placed in a good spot at your hostel room/home so that there is no direct hindrance to the radio waves.

5. WiFi Bill/Payment

Broadband or 3G Internet connection, for a student the bill is always too much as we all love to surf the internet but our pocket-money is limited.

huge broadband bill

  • Ask you friend living next to your hostel room or your neighbours son/daughter to share your broadband connection through a WiFi network or via your laptop WiFi by creating a hotspot and convince them to share half of the bill too. This way you will enjoy high-speed internet by spending only half of your pocket-money.

6. Alarms Don’t Work On Me.

Finding it hard to wake up in the morning as exams are coming. Your alarm tone have put you down many time because it’s not loud enough.

alarms don't work on me

  • Search the most annoying ringtone on the internet. Assign it as your alarm ton the every night before going to bed put you cellphone in an empty steel/glass container (as shown in image). Putting your phone in an empty glass will amplify your annoying alarm ton and will force you to wakeup. This simple hacks can also be used to magnify you mobiles speaker sound while listening songs/music.

7. Frustrated Of Study

It’s a general scenario and we all have been there. We all get stress from studies specially before our exams. So what can be done as this stress affects our performance in our exam.

frustrated of study

  • Write you thoughts in a piece of paper what so ever you are thinking during  stress. Writing done your feeling helps you release stress as proven by several studies. So try this hack and see what happens.

8. Increase You hearing Capacity.

It’s hard to listen you friends in a crowded/noise place or even in a club. But the information conveyed may be important so what can be done regarding this.

Improve your hearing

  • Give them your right ear as studies shows that our right ear is better in  listening conversations. On the other hand our left ear is good in conveying songs/ music to our brain. Simple hack works very well.

9.  My Assignment Is Of 4 Pages Only.

Preparing a long assignment is very hard specially when we are preparing it our selves rather than borrowing from others. Same goes for thesis, resume and other printable study related material in schools/colleges. So is there any magic wand that can be use to increase the number of pages just to increase its weight with the same information. As more number of pages are most likely to fetch you more marks.


  •  The hack is to use any document editing software like MS word  and increase the font size of your content. It has been seen that increasing the font content from font size 12 to font size 14 will increase the number of pages drastically.
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