Building Material Quiz 101- SSC JE Series

Building Materials Quiz 101- SSC JE Series. The importance of “Building Material” for SSC JE examination is not hidden to any once. When it’s come to the technical section of SSC JE, Building Material is the first subject that comes to mind. The weightage of Building Material is around 20-30 questions per year out of 100 technical questions. To attempt Full Practice Tests for Building Material– Register–>

Just finished revising building material theory and need some quiz/MCQs to check your knowledge, Practice some fresh building material quiz 101- SSC JE Series.

Building Material Quiz 101- SSC JE Series

Pozzolona cement is used for?

Approx percentage of "Silica" in cement (OPC)?

Initial setting time of "Low Heat Cement"?

Calcination of "Dolomite" gives?

Fineness modulus of coarse sand is?

Cement-Mortar used for "Pointing Works"?

Percentage of Magnesia in Brick-Earth is?

A brick has, non-uniform, under-burnt, distorted edge and defects of uniformity is classified as?

Strength of timber is calculated at?

Modulus of elasticity of timber in N/

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