CIL Structure Mock 101 – CIL Series

CIL Structure Mock 101 – Coal India Limited Series. Coal India Limited is going to conduct CIL MT 2017 exam on Sun 26 March. Structure for Civil is very important for the same. Structural Engineering consists of Mechanics, RCC, Prestress, Strength Of Material and Steel Structures. If are a Civil Engineering student and preparing for CIL MT 2017, it’s time to get some quick 10 Minute Quiz fro Civil Structures.

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CIL Structure Mock 101 – CIL Series

A canteveler beam of length L, width b and depth d is loaded with a concentrated vertical load at the tip. If yielding start at a load P the collapse load shall be

The effective length of column of length L fixed against rotation and translation at one end and free at the other end is

Minimum number of rivets required at each end is

A compression steel member, carrying tension and subjected to reversal of stress, Maximun Slenderness Ratio will be

Maximum Pitch in case of Track rivets for angle section in tension

Following is the loss in case of pretension member?

Whats the raio of deflection for S.S Beam carying UDL to a Fixed Beam carrying UDL

The square root of the ratio of moment of inertia of the cross section to its cross sectional area is called

An axial loaded bar is subjected to a normal stress of 173MPa. The shear stress in the bar is

Minimum grade of concrete to be used for pre-tensioned structure is

CIL Civil Syllabus- MT 2017. Coal India is going to conduct Managment Trainee for the various post through an online (CBT) exam on 26-March 2017. CIL Civil Syllabus has been issued by CIL in PDF format on its website. In this article, we are including the  CIL Civil Syllabus for your knowledge and understanding.

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