Estimation, Costing & Evaluation (ECV) Quiz SSC JE Series

Estimation, Costing & Evaluation (ECV) Quiz SSC JE Series. Attempt some fresh ECV Quiz/Short Test to check your preparation for SSC JE 2016-17. SSC JE 2016 is going to held between 1st- 4th March in various centers in India. Many regional SSC websites have already issued Admit Card to download. Details about SSC JE Admit Card 2016 can be found here–>.

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Estimation Costing & Evaluation (ECV) Quiz SSC JE Series

DPC of uniform thickness is measured in?

Sinking Fund Method is used for

Depreciation is calculated by?

Simpson's 1/3 Rule is used for?

Prismoidal Formula?

Demolition of concrete works are measured in?

Most Accurate method of building estimate?

Weight for 1m length of 25mm diameter mild steel bar?

In plane mild steel, bond-resistance value of anchorage in case of 45 degree bend is (d-dia. of bar)?

Water required for 1:2:4 concrete per bag of cement?

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