Fluid Mechanics Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

Fluid Mechanics Quiz 101 SSC JE Series- Hydraulics. Attempt some quiz questions from fluid mechanics, refresh your concepts. For more quiz/tests register/signup by selecting group as SSC JE.

Fluid Mechanics Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

Ration of specific weight of a liquid to specific weight of pure water is?

Manometer is used for?

Venturimeter is used for?

Pitot Tube is used for

1 stoke is ____ sq.m/s

Manometer is used for?

To increase the sensitivity of manometer tube?

Piezo-Electrical( modern pressure measuring device) transducer uses?

In a rectangular channel, the ratio of the specific energy at critical depth to critical depth is?

Froude number in case of sub-critical flow is?

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