Indian Polity Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

Indian Polity Quiz 101 SSC JE Series. Practice some polity questions designed for SSC JE 2016-17 in just 10 minutes. Score above 5 out of 10 to get a Engineers’ Quiz Badge. Share your badge with friends and family, show them you know some polity for a change. Do visit our “Quiz” page for more 10 Minute Quizzes for SSC JE and other government exams.

Indian Polity Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

India shall be a union of states, comes from

Mid Day Meal Scheme, concept comes from which article of constitution?

Fundamental Rights of Indians are contained in?

UPSC of India has been established under

Feature of Indian Constitution borrowed from USA?

Constitution Of India, describes India as?

Number of languages contained in 8th schedule of the Indian constitution?

Unitary Government, the states derives their power from?

Fundamental Duties are added under ?

Article 19 of Indian constitution gives us?


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