PERT CPM Difference – Civil Engineering

PERT CPM Difference – Civil Engineering. CPM and PERT concepts are used in networking techniques to estimate the time and cost. PERT CPM Difference are tabulated in the given below table for your understanding.

PERT- Program Evaluation And Review Techniques, is an “event” oriented network techniques in which estimation for time for activities are not so accurate and defined so it uses three-time estimates namely “optimistic”, “most likely” and “pessimistic time”. In PERT critical and non-critical activities are not differentiated.

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CPM- Critical Path Method, is an activity oriented network technique. It is used for the type of projects that already have been completed in the past so time corresponding to each activity can be ascertained with accuracy Hence it used only one-time estimate, unlike PERT.  CPM is a deterministic concept that uses a normal distribution.

pert cpm difference

PERT CPM Difference – Civil Engineering

[table id=11 /]

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Associated with a critical activity in a A-O-A network?

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Project are non-repetitive type, Networking technique used?

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Emphasis is on activity of projects, Type of networking technique used?

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Difference between total float and free float of an activity is?

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A networking technique "deterministic" in nature?

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If optimistic, pessimistic and most probable estimates are 1, 2 and 5 respectively. The expected time is?

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