Rivet & Bolts Quiz 101 – SSC JE Series

Rivet & Bolts Quiz 101 – SSC JE Series. No doubt Steel Design is an important subject for SSC JE and other government exams for civil engineering students. And we always give it less priority against RCC and Strength of Materials. Questions from “roof trusses and plate girders” are always asked in PSU/State exams. We all know how important is Design Od Steel Structures in exams and in applications of civil engineering. So let’s try some rivet & bolt questions and check our knowledge quickly.

Rivet & Bolts Quiz 101 – SSC JE Series

The assumption that all rivets share equally a non-eccentric load is valid at load?

The size of fillet weld is indicated by?

Weakest section is, in case of fillet weld?

Process used to avoid upper yield point in "stress-strain" curve in steel?

Under wind load conditions, permissible stresses in rivets, as per IS 800, cannot exceed?

Effective thickness of throat, in case of fillet weld depends upon,

In case of square plate maximum size of weld will be?,

Number of rivets requited, A 6mm and 8mm steel plated are connected by a 16mm diameter shop rivet. Load is 80kN?

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