SSC JE Economics Syllabus – SSC General Studies

SSC JE Economics Syllabus – SSC General Studies. Syllabus for Economics in SSC JE is not detailed specified but based on previous year examinations. Study of other exams by SSC gives some insight on Economics syllabus for SSC JE Examination.

ssc je economics syllabus

SSC JE Economics Syllabus – SSC General Studies

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  1. Micro-Economics – Demand, Type of goods, Type of demand, Supply, Type of Market, Production, Production Function, Cost, Revenue, Production Possibility Curve (PP Curve).
  2. Macro- Economics – National Income- GNP, GDP, NNP, and GNP. Economic Development – Per Capita Income, HDI, General national Happiness. Public Finance- Budget, Plan & Non-Plan Development ( Capital & Expenditure ). Fiscal Policies, Forex Exchange, BOP, Type of Currency. Banking in India- RBI, SBI, and Development banks. Bank Rate, Repo Rate, Reverse-Repo, Insurence In India-LIC & GIC. Tax System- Direct & Indirect.

Note: Above details are indicative only.

Follow any standard book on Economics for SSC JE Economics Preparation.

SSC JE Economics Quiz 102

India's Balance Of Payment can be corrected through

Interest payment, subsidies and pensions are part of (in budget figures)?

Indian income tax is an example of?

Main source of income to state govt. in India?

VAT is a kind of?

GST is?

Important source of income for Union Goverment?

Hybrid of Mixed Currency Regime is?

Is an example of "Hard Currency"?

Taxation is a tool of

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