SSC JE History Syllabus – SSC General Studies

SSC JE History Syllabus – SSC General Studies. History has on an average maximum weightage in SSC JE among general studies subjects. Around 10-12 questions are asked from history in SSC JE. For your reference, we have compiled history syllabus. More about SSC JE –>

SSC JE History Syllabus – SSC General Studies


ssc je history syllabus

SSC JE History Syllabus may seem very some but as its history so there are lot to study and remember. So we have tried to keep it neat and tight.

  1. Ancient History – Indus Civilisation , Vedic Period/Aryan Period, Age of Transformation – Buddism & jainism, Maurya Period, Pre-Gupta Period, Gupta Dynasty.
  2. Medieval india – Delhi Sultanate- Slave Dynasty, Khilji Dynasty, Tughlaq Dynasty, Syyid Dynasty, Lodhi Dynasty. Mugal Period
  3. Modern India- British India, Socio-Religious Movements, Freedom Struggle, Revolt of 1857, Gandhian Period, Governer general & viceroys.

Practice 10 Minute History Indus Civilisation Quiz

The less known name of "Mohenjodaro" is

City without a "Citadel" (in Indus Civilisation)?

Which animal was NOT known to "Indus" people?

Script of "Indus Valley Civilisation" was?

"Great Bath" of Indus Valley is a feature of?

Dockyard (artificial) was found at ?

The people of "Harappa" was?

Which site of "Indus Civilisation" was discovered first?

The main "Male Deity" of Indus Age?

Harappan Civilisation was discovered in the year?

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