SSC JE Physics Syllabus – SSC General Science

SSC JE Physics Syllabus – SSC General Science. Physics has some weightage in SSC JE (Staff Service Commission Junior Engineer). Each year 4-5 question some under General Studies Section. So in this article, we are trying to clarify students doubt about SSC JE Physics Syllabus. The syllabus of SSC JE Physics is simply 10-12th NCERT Physics syllabus. Generally government examination from SSC to IAS they all follow NCERT book for “General Studies Section”. So to give you and short and comprehensive SSC JE Physics syllabus we have compiled this article. For full-length SSC JE Mock/Practice Tests- Register / SignUp its 100% FREE–> 

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ssc je physics syllabus

SSC JE Physics Syllabus – SSC General Science 

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  • Units and Dimension – Fundamental and derived units, SI units and conversion from one unit system to another. Prefixes in units.
  • Motion – 1D & 2D – Scalar, Vector, Displacement, 1D Motion equation, Circular Motion, Angular Velocity, Momentum, Impulse, Laws of motion, Centripetal & Centrifugal forces. Center of gravity and equilibrium.
  • Work, Energy, and Power- Type of energy- Kinetic, Potential, and Mechanical Energy.
  • Gravitation- Newton’s law of gravitation, Orbital speed of a satellite, Geostationary satellite.
  • Pressure, Floatation, Surface Tension & Viscosity- Atmospheric pressure, Pascals law, Archimedes Principle, Concept of floating body, Cohesive force, Adhesive Force, Capillary, Terminal  Velocity, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Hook’s Law.
  • Simple Harmonic Motion- Periodic Motion, Oscillatory Motion, SHM, Simple Pendulum.
  • Waves- Mechanical, Longitudinal, Transverse Wave. Wavelength & Amplitude. Speed of sound, Mach Number.
  • Heat, Light- Measurement, Kirchhoff’s law, Thermal expansion, Boiling, Freezing, Laws of thermodynamics, Refractive index, Luminous bodies, Laws of reflection, Spherical mirror, Laws of refraction, total internal reflection, Lens, Polarisation of light.
  • Static Electricity, Current Electricity, Magnetism- Charge, Conductor, Insulator, Electric Potential, Potential Difference, Electric Capacity, Ohm’s law, Resistance, Curie temperature, Dip or inclination.
  • Atomic & Nuclear Physics- Cathode ray, Radioactivity, Nuclear Fission & Fusion, Nuclear reactor, Semi-conductor,
  • Everyday Physics
  • Inventions & Discoveries


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