SSC JE Polity Syllabus – SSC General Studies

SSC JE Polity Syllabus – SSC General Studies. Indian Polity & Constitution Syllabus mainly focuses on Union- Sate Relations, Important Articles, Executives of State & Union, Different Bodies, Amendments of constitution its provision and various Parts- Schedules detail. Practice 10 Minute Quizzes for SSC JE–>

SSC JE Polity Syllabus

SSC JE Polity Syllabus – SSC General Studies

  • Constitution Of India- It’s Making & Background.
  • Preamble and Salient Features.
  • Sources Of Indian Constitution.
  • Fundamental Rights & Duties, Directive Principles.
  • Citizenship.
  • Union & Executives.
  • Parliament Of India.
  • State Executives and State Legislature.
  • Judiciary.
  • Emergency Provisions.
  • Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies.
  • Panchayati Raj, Munispalities.
  • Important Articles, Parts & Schedules.
  • Important Amaendments in Constitution.

Note: Above details are indicative in nature. Follow some standard book on Polity & Indian Constitution for SSC JE Polity preparation. Now check your knowledge with some Polity Quiz. A 10-Minute quiz is specially designed to revise a topic/subject in 10 Minutes only. Earn some Engineers’ Quiz- Badges by scoring high on our 10 Minute Quiz for SSC.

SSC JE Polity Quiz 101

India shall be a union of states, comes from

Mid Day Meal Scheme, concept comes from which article of constitution?

Fundamental Rights of Indians are contained in?

UPSC of India has been established under

Feature of Indian Constitution borrowed from USA?

Constitution Of India, describes India as?

Number of languages contained in 8th schedule of the Indian constitution?

Unitary Government, the states derives their power from?

Fundamental Duties are added under ?

Article 19 of Indian constitution gives us?

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