Steel Structure Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

Steel Structure Quiz 101 SSC JE Series. Practice some fresh structural steel quiz designed for SSC JE 2016-17. Our 10-minute quiz is designed to quickly check your knowledge against a topic/chapter/subject. SSC have released exam dates aginst students name/roll/registration number. Check regional SSC websites for more. This quiz has been requested by many users, you can also request quizzes based on your need-Here

Steel Structure Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

Every MCQ Counts

A strut is a?

A tie is a ?

If wind and earth quake loads are considered, rivets/bolts permissible stresses are?

If one rivet/bolt is used on both ends of a tie, then effective length of tie will be?

Horizontal Stiffeners are used to resist?

Pitch of track rivets in compression is taken as?

Minimum number of battens in a column can be?

Cleat Angle is used in ?

In design of "Lug" angles, number of rivet/bolt are worked out for angle-tie and lug joint, by increasing the ration of force and rivet value by?

Minimum size of weld for a 35mm plate is?

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