Strength Of Material SOM Quiz 101 – SSC JE Series

Strength Of Material SOM Quiz 101 – SSC JE Series.

Homologous temperature is?

Failure plane for brittle metal in tension is?

The negative ratio of lateral strain to longitudinal strain is?

Young's Modulus of elasticity E is?

A is Poisson's ratio, K=Bulk Modulus, G=Modulus of rigidity.

No. of reaction in "Double roller or Guided Roller in 2D is?

Shear Force changes abruptly at the point of application of?

Reaction at free propped end in a propped cantilever beam with UDL (Length -L and udl intensity -W) loading is?

In bending, with same cross sectional area, the section with maximum "sectional modulus" is

In "Shear Stress" consideration, best section is?

In case of "Hydrostatic Stress", Mohr's circle will be?

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Indian History-Timeline-Short Notes – SSC JE SeriesSSC JE  Date of examination (Junior Engineers in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Quantity Surveying and Contract Examination) has been changed twice since December 2016. Earlier on the exam notification, it was scheduled to be conducted on 8th December 2016 (Paper I of SSC JE 2016) as CBT (Computer Based Test). Now the date has been revised as 1st-4th March 2017.

SSC JE 2016 Exam Preparation

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