Surveying Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

Surveying Quiz 101 SSC JE Series- Practice some 10-minute “Surveying” MCQs, specially tailored for SSC JE 2016 examination. Questions based on surveying are generally asked in SSC JE civil exams. To quench your “Test Buds” you can practice more 10-minute quiz -here–>

Surveying Quiz 101 SSC JE Series

As per British units, 8 Furlongs is equal to?

Fundamental principle of survey is?

Shrunk scale is equal to ?

The shape of 5 meter tallies in a 10 meter chain is?

Surveyor's chain length is?

A Prismatic compass has?

An auto reading type theodolite?

Size of a theodolite is represented by?

Series of equal spaced, straight and parallel contours represents?

In an "anallactic telescope" the value of multiplying and additive constant are?

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