Traffic Sign and Signals – Highway Engineering

Traffic Sign and Signals – Highway Engineering. Traffic control devices consist of Signs, Signals, Marking, and Islands. Understanding Traffic sign are very important for examination purposes and also for road safety in India. Traffic Signals- A traffic signal is a signaling device located at road intersection for regulating traffic from a different direction to avoid accidents and to maintain a smooth flow of vehicles. Universally it follows three colour pattern Red (Stop & wait), Yellow(Get Ready) and Green (Go).

Mandatory Signs or Regulatory Signs

Regulatory Signs are utilized to ensure free movement of traffic and make the road users aware of certain laws and regulations, limitations and restrictions. as per law if you don’t follow these signs, you can be punished. So keep following these sign and continue reading this article.

Generally, these signs are circular with a red stripe near the circumference, but there are few exceptions too. Like STOP sign and Give way sign.  Mandatory Sign also includes Speed Limit, Right Hand Curve, One Way Traffic, Left turn Prohibited, Load Limit, No parking, Compulsory Turn (Blue background with white marking).

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Traffic Sign - Mandatory Sign

Cautionary Signs or Warning or Precautionary

Used to make the road user aware of hazardous condition ahead. Generally, these Warning Signs are of Triangular Shape with a red stripe on edges and markings with black colour.

Traffic Sign - Warning Sign

Informatory Signs

Informatory Signs gives information about destinations, distance, and alternative routes. It also includes prominent locations like First Aid Post,  Public Toilets, Hospitals, Eating Place, Parking Details etc.

traffic sign - informative sign

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