CIL Civil Paper Analysis 2017 – Question Asked

CIL Civil Paper Analysis 2017. Coal India Limited has concluded conduction recruitment exam for Management trainee on 26th March 2017. The examination was conducted on CBT Mode (Computer Based Test) and the duration of the exam was 3 hours. Before starting the exam student has the choice of language. that is they can choose between English and Hindi as their exam language. As per CIL official notification, MT exam has two papers. Paper-1 Consists of standard general awareness questions. And paper-II was professional knowledge based. Both papers have 100 questions, each question carrying 1 mark. There was no negative marking also. 

CIL Civil MT 2017 has a sectional cut-off on each paper. That is one has to score minimum 40 marks in each paper

Paper -I 
General Awareness/Knowledge – 25 questions.
Quantitative Aptitude – 25 questions.
English – 25 questions.
Verbal/Non-verbal reasoning – 25 questions.

Civil Engineering -100 questions, 100 marks (no negative marking).

Note: In the first 1-hour duration of the exam, only paper -I was available to attempt. As the timer countdown to 120 minutes (remaining) the Paper -II was available to attempt. But to attempt paper-II candidate have to submit paper-I, still after submitting the paper -I students was allowed to attempt paper-I any time in the exam. That is after one hour students can attempt any paper as per their need in the same window.


CIL Civil Paper Analysis 2017

General Awareness/Knowledge.

  1. CAG controller name?
  2. Chandragupta Maurya defeated whom to overthrow Nanda dynasty?
  3. Australian open Men’ winner?
  4. Longest cycling highway is in which state of India?
  5. State list, Union Lit & concurrent list is from which schedules?
  6. What is the capital of Telangana?
  7. Full form of ICICI?
  8. Full form of IDBI?
  9. RAM full form?
  10. Current Chief Justice of India?
  11. ICC chairman who resigned recently?
  12. Question about Gobi Desert.
  13. Vice President of India- Eligibility?
  14. Dronacharya award in gymnastic – Bishweshwar Nandi
  15. Current CEO of Wipro?
  16. Energy used by a batsman when hitting a ball?
  17. Happiness Index concept is given by which country?
  18. First women, to won Gyanpeeth Award?
  19. 6th time best athlete award 2016.
  20. Highest coal producer state in India.
  21. Which governor general is called the father of modern India?
  22. Bafta award best film?
  23. Planet which revolves clockwise?

    CIL Civil Paper Analysis
    CIL Civil Paper Analysis 2017 – Question Asked
  24. Where is the dead sea located?
  25. Jannpith awardee of 2016
  26. Largest lake on earth on ground of volume of water

Numerical Aptitude.

Boat and stream question. (1-2)
Compound & simple interest question (2-3)
Series question- Alphabetic series & Number series. (6-7)
Mixtures & aligation question. (1-2)


Spelling correction -5
Grammar in English -5
Word substitution – 5-6
Antonyms and Synonyms 4-5
Comprehension -1 , 5 question

Paper -II Civil Engineering

  1. Water absorption of class 20 brick – 20
  2. Single lane width of pavement?
  3. Shear Lag theory(steel)
  4. Question on FREE Float (CPM)?
  5. No of bars(max) in a circular column?
  6. Rabi/Kharif crop?
  7. Question on “photogrammetric survey”?
  8. Maxwell reciprocal theorem?
  9. Rankine earth pressure theory?
  10. Lime soda vs Zeolite process (adv/dis-adv)
  11. Trigonmetric survey.
  12. Throat thickness of weld?
  13. Which human organ got impacted by CO in the air?
  14. Numerical on Webster’s formula (Traffic engineering)
  15. Questions on web stiffeners?
  16. Pile cap is used to?
  17. Slenderess ratio for tension member?
  18. Los Angeles Abrasion Test theory?
  19. The area under a stress-strain curve, under compressive loading, represents?.
  20. Question on Shrinkage Crack – Highway engg.

Note: All above questions are based on memory.

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