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How to unlock, Locked Tests

You only have to like once and all our locked tests will be unlocked for you. What more you want :)

Simply Like us on FACEBOOK (Our FACEBOOK page is https://facebook.com/EngineersQuiz), After liking Goto Our Contact Page (http://engineersquiz.com/contact-us) and enter/type you details, in the message box do mention the email/name of your facebook account that you used to like our fb-page. Your details will help us verify that you have liked our page.
Note: It can take up to 2-3 hour from our end to verify that you have liked our facebook page. Be patient, your tests will be unlocked and an email will be sent to you.

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In the case of any doubt- Send us a message on facebook or email us at engineersquiz@gmail.com

Do you provide free mock tests?

Yes! we do provide free tests. To access free tests/course simply register and login with your username and password. Go to Quiz/Test section you will see free tests in your account attempt them and see your performance. 

How to use "Promo-Code/Coupon Code"  or Do I get discounts ?

You can get our promo code/discount coupon from our promo emails, facebook/twitter page or via SMS. Note the code, visit our website login/register, Go to my account section and click the buy credit now button. Enter the coupon/promo code in Coupon Code Box and proceed as usual to buy ant test/course.

How can I buy any test/course ?

Step 1 : Register yourself with us from our Home page providing correct email (important) id and phone number. After registering check your registered email we will immediately send you a mail (inbox/spam folder)from noreply@engineersquiz.com click the verification link to verify that you are the sole owner of this email address.

Note: A valid email id and phone number is the must to access our free/paid mock, subject wise tests and notes. We never share your email id and phone number to any third party as per our policy. Your email and phone number are just to verify that you are a genuine person. 

Step 2: Go to Pricing Tab select the exam/course (like Gate, ESE etc) you want to buy tests for.

Step 3: Choose the enrollment plan you like and click the signup button. Now login with your username and password you will see a pop-up where you can enter your Phone number and promo code click buy button the next page, further click Proceed to the payment gateway. 

Step 4: Attempt the test/course you have just bought.

How can I check my rank(AIR) ?

Attempt our FREE or PAID mock or subject wise tests after submitting your test go to Rank section choose the group and test type to see how you have performed against others. 

How your tests are conducted?

All tests are Computer Based Test (CBT) to give a real feel of present scenario of Post-Engineering Examinations like Gate/SSC.

how can I pay for paid tests?

You can pay via any bank's Internet banking, credit card, debit card and master card.  Buying test from us is always a click away from you. If you wish to buy our course/test and you do not have Internet banking/credit card,/debit card or master card send us an email at info@engineersquiz.com and we can give you other payment options.

What is credit system?

When you buy any test from us you get some credit in your account. Each time when you attempt any paid test the test consumes some credit from your account. How Credit works: Latest say you bought mock ABC. And to attempt mock ABC you need 100 credits i.e you have to pay 100 to buy this test. By default when you buy mock ABC you will get 100 credits in your account that you can verify in your account's section. Now when you attempt test ABC, for only the first attempt test system will consume 100 credits from your account after that as per your subscription month(s) you can attempt test ABC as many times you want this is what we say attempts are unlimited.

Transaction Sucessful

The paid test you have just bought from us will start reflecting in your account (the one you have created by registering with us) as credit immediately after your purchase. Now you can attempt the test you have just bought.

How to check how much credit I have ? 

Login and go to My Account section. In the credit box, you will see how much credit is left in your account. 

Payment Canceled

This means you have canceled your payment before the transaction gets completed. If that is the case we recommend that you try again. Your money is always safe with us. As our payment gateway follows 100% buyers protection

Transaction Failed

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, your transaction has failed. If money has been debited from your account don't worry you will get it back. If you are unsure you can drop us a mail (engineersquiz@gmail.com | info@engineersquiz.com) or call us (+91 7065 220 572). we will get back to you very soon.

What happens if my computer shuts down or internet connection stops working right when the Payment is getting processed?

There could be 2 scenarios - The payment got authorized by the bank but the communication of the same was not received by our payment gateway. In that case, the customer's account will get debited by the bank. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped. We receive a confirmation from the bank later and then we initiate a refund for the payment to the customer's account. The payment didn't get authorized by the bank. In this case, the customer's account will not be debited and we don't get any further updates from the banks. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped.

What is the refund time-frame? How much time does it take for the refund to reflect in my account once the refund is initiated by the seller/Engineers' Quiz ?

In the case of debit card / credit card transactions, the refund should reflect in your bank account within 2-3 working days of refund request being placed. In case of Net-banking transactions, the refund should reflect in your account within 4-7 working days once the refund request is placed with our payment gateway

Note: Course specific FAQ's can also be seen on individual course pages.

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